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Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is a singer/songwriter from the West Coast living in Calgary. In 2010 she fell in love with songwriting, propelling her towards the release of her first EP "Roses" in February 2016. Ann is a versatile artist who has explored genres such as folk music, pop and electronic and has begun blending them together to form unique and playful new sounds. You can feel her musical exploration and discovery of expression through each new release Ann shares. Following "Roses", Taylor began exploring with the electronic inspired side of her songwriting and released two singles that bring out the fun pop flavours she began playing with. "Lose Your Breath" and "Sober" show an uptempo and carefree side of Ann's melodies while continuing to showcase her thoughtful and poetic lyrics. Taylor released "Murphy's Law" in December of 2017 where we can hear a very contemporary inspired EP touching on some of the heavier emotions Ann's music has shared so far. The album dips in and out of electronic and folk flairs as Taylor plays with new song structures and intricate harmonies. Her latest single release "Waves" shows a retro-loving side of Taylor's writing once again showing her versatility with songwriting!

You can expect a full-length album soon!! Taylor aims to get back to her folk/blues inspired roots in an upcoming album titled "From Nowhere / Simplicity". Be sure to follow her socials to stay up to date with show dates and releases!


"She really proves to be the thinking person's songwriter."

                                                             - Jamsphere Magazine‚Äč